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Wood type Hardwood
Environmental Not listed in CITES. Believed available from well-managed sources. Check certification status with suppliers.
Introduction Note: the recommended name for this timber in the UK is American yellow poplar. There are other, unrelated species which are also called tulipwood.
Distribution Eastern USA and Canada.
The Tree A large tree attaining a height of 37m or more, and a diameter of 2m or more.
The Timber The sapwood is white, and in second-growth trees, very wide; the heartwood is variable in colour, ranging from olive green to yellow or brown, and may be streaked with steel-blue. The annual growth terminates in a white band of parenchyma giving a subdued figure to longitudinal surfaces. The wood is' straight-grained. fine-textured, fairly soft and light in weight about 510 kg/m3 when dried.
Drying Dries easily and well, with little degrade.
Strength Similar to idigbo (Terminalia ivorensis) in general strength properties.
Working Qualities Good - Good
Durability Slightly durable
(mean, Kg/m³)
Texture Fine
Availability Limited
Price Medium
Use(s) Interior joinery, Furniture
Colour(s) Yellow brown