Timber and Related Products


Wood type Hardwood
Environmental Not listed in CITES. Believed available from well-managed sources. Check certification status with suppliers.
Distribution Occurs in the deciduous forest areas from Ontario to Florida and from the Dakotas to Texas, but only in small quantities or as scattered trees.
The Tree A medium-sized tree, 18m to 21m tall, with a diameter of 0.5m.
The Timber The timber is hard, with a fine, straight, close grain, the heartwood varying in colour from reddish-brown to rich red, the narrow sapwood being pinkish. Fine, narrow, brown-coloured pith flecks, and small gum pockets are a common feature of the wood, which weighs about 580 kg/m3 when dried.
Working Qualities Good - Good
Durability Moderately durable
Treatability No information
(mean, Kg/m³)
Texture Fine
Availability Limited
Price Medium
Use(s) Interior joinery, Furniture
Colour(s) Reddish brown, Red