Timber and Related Products


Wood type Hardwood
Environmental Not listed in CITES. Believed available from well-managed sources. Check certification status with suppliers.
Distribution Alder occurs in Europe from Scandinavia and north Russia southwards. It is common throughout the British Isles and is found in north Africa and western Asia.
The Tree A small to medium-size tree, attaining a height usually between 15m and 27m and a diameter of 0.3m to 1.2m. It enjoys damp situations along streams, and reaches its best development when growing in moist loam upon which rain has washed down layers of humus from woods at higher elevations.
The Timber There is no distinction by colour between sapwood and heartwood, the wood being a dull, light reddish-brown colour, without lustre, soft. and light in weight, about 530 kg/m3 when dried.
Drying The timber dries fairly rapidly with little degrade.
Strength It has no reputation for strength, being comparable to poplar in general strength properties, although a little harder and rather more resistant in shear.
Working Qualities Medium to good - Medium to good
Durability Not durable
Treatability Easy
Moisture Movement Small
Abrasions Poor
Density (mean, Kg/m³) 530
Texture Fine
Use(s) Plywood
Colour(s) Reddish brown (light and dull)