Laminated Parquet

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Laminate parquet is a type of flooring made of a high density fibre board core with a decorative paper overlay. A popular alternative to other hard surface products, high-quality laminate flooring resists staining, wear, and fading much better than wood while providing unique looks and appeal. It's durable, offering optimum use in kitchens and high traffic areas. Unlike most hardwoods, laminates are quite dent-resistant. Laminate floors are considered to be very low-maintenance when compared to wood floors, and it is for this reason that laminate flooring in Malta has become so popular. Unlike natural wood, laminate floors do not require waxing, oiling or staining. All of our laminate products are meant for medium to commercial areas.

Kaindl is the world's leading manufacturer of refined timber products and laminate flooring.

As manufacturer from the very beginning, Kaindl has perfected the art of laminate flooring. No other flooring manages to fulfill the highest demands in terms of design, surface performance, health and durability - whilst simultaneously having economical advantages such as fast availability and being simple to lay. In laminate flooring, Kaindl offers a complete range from starter products through to premium products including system-related accessories. All preliminary products are developed and produced in-house, in state-of-the-art production plants.

Kaindl products are absolutely safe. Kaindl manufactures in compliance with Austrian and European standards and is routinely inspected by institutes of world repute.

Kaindl in Malta can be found at M. Demajo Timbers Ltd.

M. Demajo Timbers Ltd have installed laminate parquet in both domestic areas and commercial buildings including hotels, bars, restaurants and other high traffic areas.

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