Laminated Parquet

Maintenance Tips

  • Clean Kaindl laminate flooring with a brush or a vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove footprints and dirt with a well-wrung cloth. Do not use a wet cloth.
  • Remove larger stains with special stain remover.
  • We recommend using our cleaning products, also available at M. Demajo Timbers Ltd.
  • It is important to keep laminate clean, as dust, dirt and sand particles may scratch the decorative surface over time in high-traffic areas.

Excessive changes in air pressure can cause slight joint gap formation and deformations.

Expansion joints are required in rooms larger than 10m in the longitudinal direction of the planks and wider than 8m in the panel width direction.

Kaindl laminate flooring can be installed trouble-free in conjunction with hot water underfloor heating systems. Current knowledge suggests that Kaindl laminate flooring should not be installed in conjunction with electric underfloor heating.

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