Bamboo Flooring

How to maintain bamboo flooring:
  • Keep the floor clean, and use soft damping cloth to scrub the floor gently;
  • Avoid osculating volumes of water. Mop up the water and clean the floor in time if that happens;
  • Place a piece of doormat at the entrance to the room so as to prevent such things as dust and sand from being carried in. At the same time, the doormat must be keep clean;
  • Never gride on the surface of bamboo flooring with nails or enter the room wearing shoes with metal pins;
  • According to the service condition, wax or varnish the floor every several years and try to keep the varnish film glabrous;
  • Keep the windows open often for ventilation and also to adjust the indoor temperature;
  • Avoid being insolated long by strong sunlight under normal conditions;
  • Keep the room as ventilated and dry as possible.

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